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Audition Taping Service

Located less than 1 mile off the 210 in Lake View Terrace


With the growing popularity of casting via taped auditions, it is a must for actors to submit high quality auditions with professional lighting and sound.

Taping Session  -  $35.00 per 1/2 Hour

Session Includes:    High Quality Video and Sound

                                Editing and Video Uploading

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(239) 872-8917


Tommy G - “The Ganey's taping service is seamless, professional, and reliable. Matt is invested in every audition he tapes for me, and I always leave feeling confident in the final result. Taping with Matt has helped me book a speaking role in a James Franco film and a series regular role on a Nickelodeon show. The Ganeys are truly top notch people and professionals -- I highly recommend working with them! “

Dina N - “I have been taping with Matt Ganey from the start. His taping services helped me obtain an awesome agent and, I have been taping regularly with him since. Matt is honest and gives great feedback. Not to mention, his tapes look awesome and extremely professional! Casting Directors agree. He also knows what the various casting directors in the southeast like and do not like. When you leave your taping session, you will feel confident about your tape. I would 110% recommend him to anyone who needs taping services!”

Luis A. - “If you need to be put on tape for an audition look no further.  Matt has everything you need from proper lighting to great video equipment.  He is very professional and takes his time and works with you until you are satisfied.  Thank you Matt for your dedication and professionalism.”

Jed S. - “Matt and Terri Ganey operate a professional taping service which I have used to great effect for film and television auditions. Their expertise as actors and readers has contributed  much to the quality of these scene tapings and I am fortunate to have benefited not only from their Production ( lighting, sound, editing, and file sharing capabilities) but also their creative reinforcement and artistic empathy. I highly recommend you use them.”

Ashley K. - “Matt and Terri Ganey are professional, easy going  and super fun to work with. They have helped walk me through my video taping and gave suggestions that I didn't even think of. Every time I've taped with Matt and Terri I've booked or have gotten a call back. I Highly suggest using them. They Rock!”

Jennifer J. - "If you're looking for a top-notch audition taping service, I highly recommend working with the Ganeys! Professional lighting, sound, camera, and editing with an experienced reader at a quality price. Their experience and expertise is guaranteed to deliver."

Betty M. - “I implicitly trust the Ganey's to tape me and am always left with nothing less than the best quality. My agent is consistently pleased with my taped auditions, and the professional manner in which Matt and Terri conduct their business is second to none. I recommend them highly to any actor. Thanks, Matt and Terri!!!!!”